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Africa's Geopolitical Fragility


Geopolitics Journal covers global political events, including elections, diplomacy, and conflicts, with authoritative reporting and analysis. Stay informed for unbiased and accessible content.

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Explore global economic trends, policies, events, and theories. Gain valuable insights on topics ranging from trade agreements to inflation and the complex connections between economics and geopolitics.

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Geopolitics Journal’s Crisis section provides data-driven articles and perspectives on global crises. GJ is your reliable source of information on current and potential challenges, emerging risks, and opportunities.

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Geopolitics Journal covers latest security issues including terrorism, cybersecurity and regional conflicts. GJ offers analysis on global threats from governmental and non-state actors. Stay informed on modern security challenges.

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Geopolitics Journal’s Environment category has in-depth coverage on the latest environmental issues and their impact on geopolitics. From climate change to energy policy, stay informed with unbiased reporting and analysis.

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