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Geopolitics Journal - Europe - GJ


Geopolitics Journal’s Europe section: expert analysis on European Union, immigration, and politics in major European nations. Stay informed on the continent’s role in the global arena.

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Geopolitics Journal - Middle East - GJ

Middle East & North Africa

Get insightful analysis on geopolitical issues in the Middle East & North Africa with our Geopolitics Journal. We cover terrorism, sectarianism, political instability, and other factors shaping the region. Stay informed with timely and unique articles, interviews, and features.

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Geopolitics Journal - Russia - GJ


Check out Geopolitics Journal’s Russia category for analysis of Russian politics, economy, and society, including updates on relations, policies, and opportunities. Stay informed and explore !

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Geopolitics Journal - Americas - GJ


Explore political, economic and social issues in the Americas with Geopolitics Journal. Get expert analysis on US ties with Mexico, Canada, Brazil and Venezuela. Stay updated on the region’s geopolitical forces.

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Geopolitics Journal - China - GJ


Get the latest Asia news on politics, economy, culture and security from Geopolitics Journal. Stay informed on the Belt and Road Initiative and Korean peninsula tensions.

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Geopolitics Journal - Africa - GJ

Sub-Saharan Africa

Africa has rich resources and potential, but also battles poverty, inequality, conflict, terrorism, and weak governance. Cooperation among international organizations and governments is needed for stability, growth, and development to secure a peaceful and prosperous future.

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