Geopolitics Journal is a geopolitical magazine that covers Political Issues, Economic Analysis, International Relations, and World Affairs - Geopolitics Journal.

Our Philosophy​

What sets Geopolitics Journal apart from the crowd is our unique style dedicated to the youngest citizens of the world with their different backgrounds and our insistence on building a critical mind from diverse perspectives.

Geopolitics Journal

Our Vision​

Geopolitics Journal breaks down problematic questions and simplifies political notions to be a reliable, unbiased, and neutral source that tackles complicated concepts from multiple angles.

Who Are We?

To make learning about the world’s politics easier and more fun, we’re providing an insightful platform to make it useful for young millennials who are used to using social media and recent digital sources.


Geopolitics Journal provides an online magazine with massive content including Trends, Articles about Geopolitics of continents and Great Empires, History of Politics and Economy, Ideologies, and some biographies.


Geopolitics Journal brings together different types of content to enable young citizens of the world to understand the global political game and gain an in-depth knowledge of the history and dense culture of the human race.


When asking about the reasons behind creating Geopolitics Journal is to understand how Geopolitics work and how did the rulers master the game of Politics, Diplomacy, and International Affairs.

A Magazine For Critical Minds..

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